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Video Exercises Encyclopedia for Young Hockey Players


Dr. Yasha Smushkin

Dr.Smushkin and the Canadian Institute of skating


«College for Hockey Knowledge»

Video Educational Portal on the Russian and English Languages

Standard Video Development of Individual Mastery in the Children World Hockey!

New Video program brings together players, parents and instructors under the common slogan – “Learn from the Etalons of Individual Skills Mastery” and serves as a scientific alternative to uncontrolled armature coaching initiative in the children’s world hockey.

Preview First part of Video Encyclopedia

For the first time in the World Children Hockey “College for Hockey Knowledge” opened Video Center for Standard Development – Athletic, Technical and Cognitive individual abilities. The basis of their development is known Dr.Smushkin’s Elite Hockey Agility Pyramid System and his video individual skills Encyclopedia.

Encyclopedia contains copyrighted video skills by 45 years of teaching and research activities in the children’s hockey in North America and Europe. The content of the video training exercises is a clear visual demonstration of individual mastery for self-development.

The uniqueness of the video training exercises that are performed by Dr.Smushkin’s best students in the past 40-plus years in North America and in Europe. This fact is objective evidence of the practical success of the Dr.Smushkin’s Elite Agility Pyramid of the individual skills self-development “outside” of the traditional team preparation for children tournaments and competitions.

Zenith of individual development became Galina Smushkin, who never played hockey. Standing on skates at age 10, in 17 – she became the first demonstrator in Dr.Smushkin’s school (see. portal 1) Today it is well-known physician in North America.

The originality of instructional videos – are their rapid effects of perception and memory of video information, i.e. personal technical skills from the main sections of the game. Such sections of Dr.Smushkin’s Video Encyclopedia are 15. Promotional samples of which can be seen on 1st portal.

Versatility of Dr.Smushkin’s instructional videos exercise in their standard scientific and effective information search and check their results in practice and published in print – in the trilogy “Hockey Agility” 1993, 1997, 1998, Canada. (

The method of “standard video skills self-training”, the first in the world of children’s hockey is “professional breakthrough and a new alternative counterweight” to traditional way of coaching of individual skills by former hockey players with different gaming specialization.

Coaching team for a competition and professional development of individual sports skills – are different professions. Professionalism of teachers in individual sports “produce athletes – champions.” At the same time “amateur coaching” in the children’s hockey, “creates an army of hockey fans,” where there is a passion in profits for some and lack of professionalism in teaching for others. In this case, the “naive parents and their children – the losers,” and it is an indisputable fact of our time.

In hockey children’s clubs only tactical training can be taught at the same time for the whole team, like in both juniors or adults hockey. In addition, the team coaching is not have time for athletic, technical or cognitive individual development, which requires individual sessions with a personal orientation for all players.

Personal training – is an individual and independent direction of development of particular game individual hockey mastery. Since young hockey players have different individual anthropometry and not the same psychophysical abilities – they has uneven quality of their game performance.

During team coaching to develop individual skills – it is impossible. This factor of the rational and efficient development of individual mastery in childhood “is ignored and replaced by gaming passion victories in tournaments and competitions.” This is because the coach’s hockey teams, “not as teacher-educators of personal sportsmanship like in individual sports.”

The most difficult part in the preparation of young hockey players is the ability to professionally develop the athletic, technical and cognitive abilities of children before their puberty. We must understand and believe that the greatest responsibility for the adults in children’s education – “not to lose time to develop their personal, technical, athletic and psychological abilities.”

Our proposed method of upgrading sport abilities in children before puberty, involves the use of “visual video etalons what and how to do.” This method is an objective component in the personal preparation of young hockey players to junior hockey.

It is time to “get out of the darkness into the light” and recognize the fact that the children’s hockey is the both from “majority of the parents who are happy to pay for their children’s participation in tournaments and competitions and troublesome minority, which is important for their children to get into a university or professional hockey”.

Scouts and agents begin to “search” promising players from 13-15 years of age and lasts up to 18 years. Selection system “closed” and reminds the system of selection of candidates for special services. In other words, not you come to them, but they are looking for you and if you are “trump card” – they will find you. For such players we present a new educational alternative to realize their cherished dream.

The system of children’s hockey for a long time needs to improve its educational process, the search of rational and effective methods of training of young players. One of these methods is the universal “training exercise videos” and their introduction into the educational process.

The purpose of the training video exercises is to create a visually-intuitive interpretation of “live motor images” for contemplation, learning and development of motor skills, implementing principles: clarity, visual abilities and reserves of thinking.

For children’s visual contemplation and quick perception of special video exercise is more important to see “children or junior show these exercises, than verbally explain them or see adults live show.” Here, training techniques based on the basic principles of individual sports, but not of group games, whether we like it or not. Without the “visual reference exercises,” teaching children personal technique becomes armature, long and formal.

Dr.Smushkin and the Canadian Ice Skating Institute Inc. was in 1997, prove scientifically and clearly to all enthusiasts of the world of hockey, that possible create Universal Video Self-Development of Athletic and Technical Skills. A dream come true – A New Alternative Learning System in hockey was born!

Dedicated to my Muse Asia and “son” Karen,
My most favorite in the world!
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