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“I have the pleasure of exchanging many ideas involving hockey, training methods and motivational techniques with Dr.Smushkin skill coaches. I have found his hockey outlook and teaching methods to be very refreshing and very attractive to young Canadian, European hockey players. I feel that young players could learn a great deal from Yasha skill coaches, especially when it comes to skating, and would also find his teaching techniques very unique”.

Billy Harris – Former Canada National Team Coach

“Dr.Smuschkin’s techniques are an unconventional, creative and innovative approach to the Game of hockey”.

US Hockey/Arena Biz October 1977

DR. SMUSHKIN (PhD)-CISI – skill coaches 


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For parents-instructors-managers

Dr. Smushkin skill coaches, relying on his scientific background as well as on an extensive training experience, is offering unique private consultations on all issues in Homework Elite Hockey Agility training for children’s hockey.

Dr.Smushkin’s skill coaches can advise you to make the best solution how to pass a “maze” in children’s hockey.

No other private Children’s Hockey School in North America and Europe has better than his A record! Also, it’s a rare accomplishment to be acknowledged by the hockey press in the East and West.

What makes the Smushkin’s Training System unique and famous?

His Training System is based on the idea which values Hockey as a Sport first of all and not the Fun game! His Training System is characterized by the exceptional combination of the three important qualities:

1. On the knowledge of biomechanical health science and the lows of athletic body development for the gymnasts and figure skaters;

2. System is based on the educational partnership of the Parent, Child and Teacher;

3. His System perfectly suits the Modern International Hockey with the creativity principles of individual expression, challenge and presentation.

Dr.Smushkin’s System of Elite Hockey Agility offers to children 3 consecutive stages in the build-up of individual hockey skills:

– Becoming a skater with body-skates agile speed techniques;

– Becoming a hockey skater with body-skates-stick quickness and dexterity;

– Becoming a hockey player with body-skates-stick-puck agility.

Why Smushkin’s System of Training is far more advance and effective compared to the traditional ones based on hockey experience of individuals with different hockey background?

Dr. Smushkin’s teaching philosophy consists of the idea, which has been proven many times in the history of team sports. That System of Training predetermines whether a child will grow into an excellent athlete or not. The System of Training produces the talents, not vice versa, and Hockey, as sport game, also complies with this general rule.

Now let me share with you things that are not written by the experts in hockey field. So, don’t be surprised or confused if those things are very hard to believe, strange, far out or totally unfamiliar. There may be a conflict with what I share with you and all that you have been taught before.

1. Hockey “Alphabet” must start on ice first of all from the upper body maneuverability and not from the legs balance motions. Birds fly by wings and not by legs;

2. Basic body acceleration on two legs on ice must start from upper body motions to learn different spins and jumps before switching legs for the skating;

3. Skills of touching the ice with knees and hands have to be learned before skating;

4. Skills of manipulating the stick with both hands out off the ice must be used for the basic rhythms of body motions and acceleration on two skates;

5. Equilibrium on two skates on ice with upper body coordination and hips flexibility must be the first learning skill.

For several years on Skype- Messenger – Whats-up , I have been sharing the knowledge and experience with my students, their parents and instructors, those who like my Elite Hockey Agility System of Individual Training of young players. Now with a great pleasure my skill coach students like to share this knowledge with all, who needs it “On East and West”.

So, I developed a special Homework Training Program for children and their parents, which I called: “From Skater to Hockey Player”. This program includes: Skype-Messenger – Whats Up  consultations, video clips, texts and drawings of exercises. The purpose of this program is self-training the child off/on ice with the support of his subsequent individual motor-speed skills.

All parents and their children must understand and believe, that in the team sports coaches “train” the team but not an individual team players and it is a reality. The parents, not the coaches, are responsible for “support, alert and readiness” of their children to compete.

The success of this idea has being tested for many years in my work. A lot of dad-teachers of my students were “ahead of time” and successfully helped their children to “break” in junior and professional hockey. I was able to convince them that “Rescue of drowning – the handiwork of drowning” in hockey as well.

For children’s instructors my skill coach students  offer Skype-Messenger -Whats-up consultations, including a special video clips watching, for educational modernization of the team preparation for the competitions.

For managers of children’s hockey clubs I offer plan from one-day theoretical and practical courses on ice, using different technical means and mobile games for the preparation of young hockey players for competitions.

All children’s hockey enthusiasts should “understand and believe” that the main problem is not the children’s hockey competitions, but the training! What kind of training – such a result!


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