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4. Mental side of the game

What is mind agility and why it is necessary for the game?

Agile mind is cognitive psychological ability of a player during a game quickly and creatively think in situational “here & now” adaptability and stress. Both – the physical and mental state, along with the technical skills, is crucial for the players to deal with the problems of a short or long game stress.

The secret of individual mastery is not on the muscular memory, as gymnasts, swimmers or figure skaters, but in the “spontaneous” adaptability to the game situations. Therefore the winner is the one who has the largest arsenal of gaming skills abilities. Here is the law – “abilities for possibilities”. In other words, “savvy mind and dexterity of the body decides everything!”

Who reads fast the game information win situation!

Sharpness of mind situational thinking is important as psychic abilities of the game. If a player does not master the fast mental agility, physical and technical skills will not be in place. No matter how physically gifted a player is, he or she will not succeed in the “Real Deal of Hockey” if their sharpness of mind does not match their physical and technical condition.

There is a distance and time from the brain to the muscles, this is an objective fact, as a rule, neglected by coaches and players alike. The question is how you can learn to upgrade mind sharpness? Mental Agility training should be seen as cognitive and compulsory education in addition to the physical and technical development. Today, there is a need for change in the traditional understanding of “harmonious development” of single young hockey players worldwide.

The difference between the first and second is just golden fraction of a second!

Speed sharpness of mind, that’s what really sets the star players from the good players. Situational speed thinking always prevails over the slow game thinking. The faster savvy mind, the slower the game! Is your brain ready for a real hockey game?

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