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Henry Ford invented the assembly line, I invented the “Athletic Hall on Ice”!

Group method to the development of individual skills

The use of the “Athletic Hall on Ice” which includes an in-line mechanical apparatus enables coaches to improve individual technical skills as well as the development of athletic skills to large groups of students simultaneously. The implementation of “sports equipment on ice” led to a sharp improvement in the quality, discipline and efficiency within the organization’s training process.

The “Mechanical Apparatus on ice” form the “passive obstacles” for the athletes they must overcome. This has been proven to increase the level of concentration to master the training and provides self-fulfillment of the sports exercises.

In this video you can see five carousels, about 60 students and a “demonstrator” – my student Matthew Linton, that I was providing pedagogical guidance on the microphone. Many graduate students of this innovative training system went on to become Varsity Hockey and Professional Players.

To watch video below click on the picture: