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Fraser Valley Flyers Hockey Organization

Dr. Yasha Smushkin’s first book is titled From Zero to Hockey Hero – How to avoid being misled in Kids’ Hockey. By now it was quite clear to me that almost all hockey parents were either being misled or were actually doing the misleading. Since the title was so brazen, I purchased the book and began reading. Smushkin’s book helped crystallize my thinking, and turned me into a bit of an evangelist. The more I thought about it, the more I agreed with Dr. Smushkin that the goal should be to appropriately balance coaching (team skills), teaching (individual skills) and fun. Ensuring this happens is the parent’s job. So I evangelized and found some other parents who upon reflection agreed with me. Together, we try to balance the activities, Smushkin’s triad of fun, individual skills and game skills, for the betterment of all of the players. That’s why the Fraser Valley Flyers were formed.

From Newsletter of Fraser Valley Flyers Hockey Organization British Columbia, Canada